Extinguishers, Exit Lights, and Pre-Engineered Systems

Your facility relies on code compliant fire protection equipment. 最重要的元素之一是检查现有或新安装的系统, including fire sprinklers, fire alarms and extinguishers. 为了正确维护你们的设施,你们应该根据NFPA进行检查. If you are not familiar with this standard, no worries; contact us immediately.

我们的检查部门负责通知你们检查的时间. Our team of experienced technicians conduct quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections in many of Florida’s most iconic facilities. Cox Fire provides full inspections to meet the state standard for Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and more. 考克斯消防检查部门888电子集团app于包括零售在内的各个行业的客户, multi-family, hotels, churches, school, and educational facilities, industrial and warehouses, commercial office, assisted living, manufacturing and many more. 我们拥有专业的管理团队、客户经理和技术人员 your facility is in the finest hands.


与我们的灭火器部门联系,以获得您所有的消防设备需求. Cox Fire Protection provides complete inspection, sales and service of fire extinguishers specializing in multi-family, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial applications. We are a licensed distributor for all related fire equipment products from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. 让我们一名受过专业训练的技术人员协助您 keeping your property compliant with the latest fire safety codes and standards.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

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Emergency & Exit Lighting

考克斯消防保护提供紧急/出口灯检查程序,以保持您的财产符合适用的法规和标准. 我们知识渊博的技术人员经过培训,可以分析和维修您现有的紧急/出口灯,并帮助提供解决方案,增加额外的照明,以实现所需的保护. 确保联系考克斯消防保护所有紧急/出口灯的需要.


  • Annual Inspection Programs
  • Battery & Bulb Replacement
  • New Lighting Fixture Sales
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Pre Engineered Suppression Systems

任何在餐饮业工作的人都意识到一个正常运作的厨房罩压制系统的重要性. The liability alone makes this inspection a top priority.

Cox Fire Protection provides inspection, repair, and installation of most major brands of pre-engineered kitchen hood, paint booth, industrial and server room fire suppression systems. Let one of our knowledgeable account representatives give you a free estimate on any of our pre-engineered services.


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Mike Sacco管理考克斯消防保护公司的灭火器部门.

Mike拥有便携式灭火器和预设计灭火系统的州许可证. With over 18 years of experience, Mike在DOT高压气缸测试领域开始了他的职业生涯,并在行业中一些最大的消防设备经销商担任过各种管理职位. Mike’s customer service, 专业的技能和知识在灭火器行业处于领先地位,可以为市场提供最好的888电子集团app.

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我们训练有素的888电子集团app人员是佛罗里达州最熟练的888电子集团app人员之一, and work continually to improve their skills.